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Robin Johnson, ACC • April 7, 2022 • 8 Minute Read

What is Heart-Centered Life Coaching?

Hello friends and welcome to the Heart Coach Institute. I am so glad to have you here and hope any time with us always enriches your life. You might be asking yourself ‘What is Heart-Centered Life Coaching?’ Read on and I will share this powerful new focus for life coaches.

Life Coaching is amazing.

Last year, as I became trained as a Life Coach, I loved the principles I was taught and was amazed at the difference a coach can make in someone’s life. To see people overcome barriers, achieve their goals, change thought patterns, and find success in their lives is SO REWARDING to me! I love to see people CREATE A LIFE THAT THEY LOVE!

Listen up.

I was blown away by the power of truly listening. Do you know that a life coach is supposed to listen at least 80% of a session with a client? I realized that in my busy life, I rarely listen at that level of consciousness. The power of actively listening was confirmed when my very first coaching client started tearing up at the end of her session. I asked if she was OK? She said, “No one has ever listened to me like you just did. Thank you for giving me the chance to speak and be heard.”


Powerful questions were the next tool that improved my communication skills. People already have their answers, but they rarely take the time to go deep enough to find them. When you truly listen to someone and watch for patterns or barriers they are facing, you can ask powerful questions that help people unlock their own answers and it is amazing to witness! When we come up with our own answers and goals, we are so much more committed to making it happen.

95% Success

The third thing coach training gave me was the ability to help people set goals and provide accountability. The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65% likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95% when they build in ongoing accountability with their partners to check in on their progress. The coaching process is so supportive, gentle, uplifting, and empowering to help someone ACHIEVE RESULTS. I LOVED IT!!!
I loved my training and the success I was witnessing in people, and yet, as I went through the training I still felt like something was missing.

The heart is also amazing.

There were so many tools for the mind to help people overcome mental barriers, but there were so few tools for the heart to help people overcome emotional barriers. Through my training in Heart Centered Therapy, I have seen the power, the wisdom, the strength and the truth of the heart help so many people get through their life challenges! The heart holds truth, strength, courage and compassion that is so valuable when we know how to tap into it. That is why I decided to take the incredible principles of Life Coaching, and add to it the wisdom and power of the heart. The results have been LIFE CHANGING!

“One woman came to our training on the verge of divorce. She had become distant from her husband over the years and it seemed as if they had nothing in common anymore and nothing to talk about. She learned some powerful communication skills as a heart-centered Life Coach and started finding ways to connect again. She learned about the heart and realized she had shut her heart down after years of feeling unloved. She learned how to open her heart again, and had courage to accept the challenges of the past. She asked her heart questions and realized she did want to make this marriage work! Step by step, the marriage is being healed through the powerful skills of Life Coaching combined with the wisdom of her heart. It is A MIRACLE!”

Overcoming barriers

The challenge most of us face as we try to move forward in our lives with our goals and dreams is that barriers show up. Internal barriers – like fear, shame, doubt, or pride, throw us off course and make it difficult to actually achieve the results we want. We sabotage ourselves! There are also external barriers – lack of money, time, resources, manpower or knowledge that feel equally daunting in our desire to create. A life coach is trained to help you navigate through the barriers that you face. Once obstacles are removed, you are free to move forward, but sometimes it is tricky to find our truth.

Personal search engine

A little known fact about the heart is that the heart is a record keeper of our lives. Anytime we bury negative emotion, the heart remembers that moment, what we were feeling, and what decisions we make about ourselves and our lives. It is powerful to connect into the heart and ask questions. It is like Google for the soul! It always has an answer. Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” While it is difficult for the mind to access the subconscious mind, the heart is a pro at it and can bypass anything that is stopping us from knowing our truth. Answers that are hidden from the mind, buried in the subconscious, are accessed from the heart. It is powerful and the fastest way to progress towards our goals.


Truth teller

The beautiful thing is that the heart can only speak to us in truth! This ability then to tap into the truth of our lives, and see people and situations with compassion, is invaluable as we strive to move forward, making decisions, setting goals and living with passion and purpose. The heart is the center of our being. We connect to the truth of who we are from the heart. We connect to the divine within us from the heart. Our divine connection opens us to unlimited potential and possibility from the heart.

Success stories

We ran our 6-month pilot program for the Heart Coach Institute and our first graduates have found amazing transformation for their own lives as they have applied these principles for themselves. One graduate who has international acclaim s a successful business mentor, author and speaker said:

“I have had so many breakthroughs with the mind. But with the heart, I feel like I am finally able to BREAK FREE! It has taken me to a whole new level of living and loving.” 

I could tell you stories of lives that have changed, hearts that have been healed, relationships that were mended, goals that were accomplished, and confidence that was restored. Our students will tell you of the peace that is in their life as they have come to see their heart as their ally and friend. They have gained courage, new skills and a positive outlook for their lives. They have found their authentic selves, learned to live with passion and purpose and are believing in and creating their dreams. Their lives are filled with love.

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Pay it forward

You cannot teach what you do not know. Our program invites the coaches to apply these principles first in their lives to fully embrace the power of the heart and their life coaching tools. The moment that they understand the heart, and learn the coaching tools that can truly help others break free, is the moment they’re ready to help others experience the same results. Our coaches have celebrated as they have liberated hearts and been able to coach people on to true and meaningful success, overcoming barriers, and achieving their dreams. Here is what a few of the students from our pilot program had to say:

“I now have tools that will help me help my family. I now have tools to help me step past my personal road blocks. I have gone from totally using the thinking part of my brain, to connecting to my heart and living life more from my heart space. Robin and Heart Centered Life Coaching has give me the means to live a fuller, richer and more meaningful life.”

“I didn’t know a lot about this program when I started. I didn’t know that everything I learned would improve all of my relationships. I didn’t know this program would help me heal as I learned to help others. I didn’t know that this class would bring me so much confidence and joy. I didn’t know how much I would love connecting women to their hearts, themselves, and to God. I didn’t know that I had a passion for this just waiting to be discovered. I am incredible grateful for everything I have learned and the amazing love and support I was given along the way at the Heart Coach Institute!”

One of our students has been trained as a Life Coach by Bob Proctor twenty years ago, but came because she was curious about what the heart could add to life coaching. This is what she shared with us:

“This program is life-changing! I would recommend HCI as the most excellent program someone wanting to be a life coach will find in the market. The connection of the heart and mind is the pinnacle of success! No other program can match it. You will make back your investment in more ways than just financial. The great value of the information and training you receive with heart-centered Life Coaching will change your life and your relationships.”

So what about you?

Where are you on your journey of life?

Are you wanting to become a life coach?

Or maybe wanting to create a side gig?

Do you want to be a better parent and friend?

Would you like to become a more effective leader or manager?

Do you want to build a better relationship with your heart?

Are you looking to increase your communication skills?

Do you want to improve your relationship with your spouse or partner?

Do you want to help people make their lives better?

Would you like to live with more passion and purpose?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a great candidate for the program.

Our program will quickly become a world-wide training program for certified Heart-Centered Life Coaching. The ripple of light that will sweep across the world as hearts are opened and people are free to create the life they want, will be beautiful to witness.

If your heart is telling you this is your next step in life, I hope you will listen. Your heart is on your side and cares about your happiness. Click the link, to learn more, or dive right in and apply for our program today!

I hope to see you in the classroom ~ and until then, know that you’re in my heart!

Big hugs ~ Robin

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