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Navigating Celebrations:A Crucial Aspect of Coaching High Achievers
Understanding what celebration means to each high achiever is crucial. For some, public acknowledgment may be the key, while others may...
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Coaching as Christ Would
The wisdom and example of Jesus Christ stands out as timeless guidance for you and me. Beyond religious doctrines, Jesus' teachings offer...
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Maintaining Presence: Navigating Client Agenda
Share your observations and seek clarification. It builds certainty for the client, creating a collaborative navigation experience.
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Accepting of our Trials
I realized that I had not been accepting my trials, I had been resenting them. Some days I even hated them. I realized that if I was willing...
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Coaching Confidence: Taming the Inner Critic Beast
By co-creating awareness, you're not only dismantling the power of the inner critic but also empowering your clients to be active participants...
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Solid Foundations - Crafting Effective Coaching Agreements
When you step into a coaching session, ensuring that you and your client are on the same page is paramount. Establishing clear directions...
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Awakening My Heart
A strange question surfaced: Would I be able to fit in the car? Not my physical body, but my great, big, huge, wide open heart?? (wink)...
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Coaching Success Story: Shalese
All the answers we seek reside within our heart. When we learn how to connect to the wisdom that our hearts hold within, we are hearing...
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Navigating Burnout with Your Clients
Coaching clients through burnout involves reshaping their perspective on perfectionism. As coaches, we are adept at managing tasks effectively,...
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Why I Use the Heart in Life Coaching
When someone is lacking passion or purpose, they have likely disconnected from their heart. Our heart holds our connection to our soul....
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Coaching vs. Therapy
Let’s explore the captivating shades of grey that exist between coaching and therapy and how they can shape our interactions with our clients....
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The Work
Byron Katie's "The Work" is a powerful tool for self-inquiry and personal transformation. It consists of four simple questions and a turnaround...
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Elevate Your Coaching Journey
In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of ICF accreditation, explore who the International Coaching Federation...
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Harnessing the Power of Language
"How can a coaching conversation help you achieve your desired outcomes?" This inclusive language highlights that both parties work together...
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The Alchemist
For someone who is trying to build a relationship and make their journey to their own heart, The Alchemist can serve as a guiding light.
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When I'm With You I ...
“When I am with you, I love my heart.” The simpleness of her language touched me in such a profound way. I had never heard anyone acknowledge...
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Coaching Success Story: Mikayla
What I really wanted though was to learn more about how to just be better myself. Of all the things I learned in the program, the most...
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Going Deeper Sooner by Active Listening
As coaches, we understand that active listening is a fundamental skill that can deeply impact our coaching conversations. By actively engaging...
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Maximizing Your Dream Potential with S.M.A.R.T. Goals
I'm here to share with you a powerful tool that can turn your dreams into reality: S.M.A.R.T. goals. Picture this tool as your guiding light...
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Coaching Success Stories: Cherish
It is truly rejuvenating to spend time coaching her. One of the coolest benefits to coaching her has been the fact that some of her main...
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Topic vs. Outcome
When a client expresses their desire to find a new job, there are various paths the conversation can take. This is where determining the...
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Book Review: The Power of the Heart
If you've ever pondered the profound role our heart plays in shaping our life, relationships, and even our purpose, you're in for a treat...
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The Voice of the Heart
The voice of the heart, and the thoughts of the mind both serve us in powerful ways. There is great brilliance and beauty inherent within...
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Coaching Success Stories: Carolyn
Both “mind and heart play significant roles in the joy and success of our lives." While our mind focuses on keeping us safe, our heart is...
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PCC Marker 8: Facilitating Client Growth
There is much more to the end of a session than a list of actions. By incorporating each PCC Marker here, you will give your client the...
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Coaching Success Stories: Kari
I lived 35 years disassociated from my life. When I found energy healing and connecting to the deepest parts of my soul, I knew it was not...
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PCC Marker 7: Evoking Awareness
The great revelation here is that we don’t have to be right! We can share what we are sensing or feeling, then invite the client to go deeper....
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PCC Marker 6- Listens Actively
Gaye Kuelsen, PCC • June 6, 2023 • 5 Minute Read PCC Marker 6: Listens Actively Competency 6:  Listens Actively This competency, Listens...
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PCC Marker 5-Maintains Presence
For many of us busy, high achievers, the ability to stop doing and just BE, can be a real challenge. These PCC Markers give us some direction...
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PCC Marker 4-Cultivating Trust
We all have different ways on how we build trust with those around us, and with our clients. Similarly, our clients may have unique requirements...
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Coaching Success Stories: Tina
The concepts I was learning were intriguing and many of them were in alignment with many other training courses I had taken through the...
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PCC Marker 3-Establishes Agreements
The PCC Markers focus on the agreement we establish with our clients at the start of each coaching session. The four elements, provide...
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Book Review: The Big Leap
Similar to an internal barrier, this book suggests that we often determine an upper limit for ourselves by what we think we deserve or are...
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Understanding PCC Markers
The PCC Markers are a useful reference for all coaches that can support them in their professional growth and development. Our day-to-day...
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Living in Full Color
I spent many years of my life going through the motions - like watching a black and white TV with the sound off. Empty and mechanical. Trying...
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Coaching Conversation Pitfalls
A common scenario is when a client comes with several topics. In the eagerness to get started, a coach may unintentionally guide the client...
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Coaching Success Stories: Andrew
Since graduating from the Heart Coach Institute’s Heart-Centered Life Coaching program, I find myself using Michael Bungay Stanier’s Learning...
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Improvements of the ICF Competencies
It is important to be mindful of our language when discussing the updated model, as it is just that, updated, not new. Going through a process...
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Coaching Success Stories: Melissa
For a long time, life was ok most days and even pretty good some days. But it wasn’t great. Life didn’t feel like I hoped it could. And...
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Demonstrating Ethical Practices
I’ve found that coach training and being a coach goes hand in hand with our personal growth.  This career path provides many opportunities...
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Facilitating Client Growth
One simple question that can seamlessly guide the client into action is – Thinking about our conversation today, what are you now inspired...
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Coaching Success Stories: Amy
Heart-Centered Life Coaching gave me the balance I was looking for between heart and mind. One of my favorite quotes I learned from Robin...
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Evoking Awareness
One word I notice that clients use to describe others, but more often label themselves is ‘lazy’. This is the word that when I hear it,...
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Active Listening
As we connect with our clients heart to heart in the beginning of each session, we are then able to listen with our heart or spirit. We...
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Rope Heart
Coaching Success Stories: Wendy
In our society today, many people go about their lives with little personal communication. We have made ourselves so busy and unapproachable...
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The Physical Heart and Emotional Heart
We know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony, where heart and mind are working together and we feel a genuine connection to others....
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Listening Actively
The greatest gift we can bestow on our clients, is for them to feel totally heard, that we understand and acknowledge what they have shared...
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Setting Clients Desired Outcome
Whatever their desired outcome is, create a measurement for success. Help them clearly envision what success would mean from your session...
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Maintaining Presence
Remains focused, observant, empathetic and responsive to the client. This is the game changer! The level of attention we give our clients...
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Coaching Success Stories: Lesli
The perfect description of coaching is: it helps us not abandon ourselves! Coaching connects us with our hearts and helps us move forward,...
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Cultivating Trust and Safety
With the advances in technology, our ability to easily connect with others across the globe is at an all-time high. Many of us now have...
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Establishing and Maintaining Agreements
When we come in contact with potential new clients, many are unaware of what coaching really is, or have not given much thought to the coaching...
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Love Your Life as a Life Coach
The Heart of a Client
We are rarely taught in life about our own, feeling heart. Our heart connection has a great impact on our happiness, our connection to self,...
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Coaching Success Stories: Minda
The reason I am so completely passionate about all of this is because I lived for over 40 years without it. I shoved my emotions down until...
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What is a Coaching Mindset?
This highlights the importance of meeting our clients where they currently are in their life: being the milestone on their journey, their...
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Power of life coaching maximized in the wisdom of the heart
What is Heart-Centered Life Coaching?
Through my training in Heart Centered Therapy, I have seen the power, the wisdom, the strength and the truth of the heart help so many people...
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