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Heart Coach Institute

Robin Johnson, ACC • August 22, 2023 • 6 Minute Rea5

The Voice of the Heart

When we have a problem to solve, it is automatic to trust our mental skills of reasoning, figuring things out, or creating an answer. We are taught to go to the mind with questions…or to google!

As human beings, we actually have three centers of knowing: the mind, the heart and the gut. We know how to go to the mind for answers, and we know what it feels like to get a witness from our body about something (a pit in your stomach if something is wrong, or getting chills when you hear truth), but rarely are we trained in how to listen to our heart.

Not every question has an answer that is based in knowledge. Not every question can be determined by reason. The heart has answers for us that our mind does not know. Your heart is like google for the soul.

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Our goal in learning the voice of the heart is to know how to draw on all three centers of knowing.

The voice of the heart, and the thoughts of the mind both serve us in powerful ways.

There is great brilliance and beauty inherent within the mind because it can understand the most intricate scientific and mathematical theories and can make complicated decisions.

Yet the same mind can get caught up in trivia and nonsense, becoming upset over a seemingly harmless remark. It can run your life, pushing, and pulling you in all directions, creating endless dramas by acting out your insecurities and fears, because it is not in touch with your deeper feelings.

The job of the mind is to keep you safe and alive. While doing its job, the mind tends to separate, build walls, and protect us from others. The mind often speaks to us through our doubts and fears. The negative thoughts we hear belittle us, even paralyze us, or make us feel shame.

The mind often goes into the story. They want to explain who, when, where and why things happened. The mind jumps quickly from topic to topic without any need for connection.

While the mind holds the content of what you know, your heart holds the essence of who you are.

Your heart in its pure state is not subject to chaos or limited by pain, fear, and insecurities; it is joyful, creative, and loving. The heart is a source of great wisdom. It is the essence of your being, a reservoir of joy, love and infinite compassion that lies within you.

Some believe the heart can be too uncertain and even misguided. Striving to keep the heart pure will ensure that the answers are coming from a source of truth.

How do we recognize the voice of the heart?

The best way to learn the voice of the heart take time to PRACTICE. You might spend an extra minute or two in your morning routine to stop and connect with the heart. Does it have a message for you? What does your heart want you to know? When you connect to the heart you may experience a message through words, a feeling, a memory may surface, or an idea will come to you.

Take time when there is no pressure or stress to listen and connect.

You will gain confidence in the voice of the heart and know how to connect when you need to. Also, realize when a message is not coming from the heart:


  • Your heart will never base messages in fear. It will never try to make you feel small, talked down to, or intimidated.
  • Your heart doesn’t need to justify your actions, tell your story, or prove you are right. That is the mind speaking.
  • Your heart will never diminish you or anyone else. It will not tear someone down to build you up. The heart has equal regard for every person.
  • The heart does not speak to you through guilt or shame. The heart may inspire you with ideas of how you could be better or encourage you with things that would be better for you. But it will never guilt or shame you into action.
  • Your heart message will never make you feel confused or weak. Lies make you feel weak. Truth makes you feel strong.


  • Your heart will speak to you with simple answers. Do not underestimate the power of the message because of its simplicity. The heart never over-complicates things.
  • The message of the heart will always be filled with peace. You will feel calm and clear.
  • Your heart will always see through the eyes of compassion. It would never judge someone as bad, or wrong. That includes yourself.
  • Your heart will speak to you with love, gentleness and kindness.
  • Your heart will only speak to you with respect, in a voice full of love.
  • Your heart will only speak to you in truth. The truthfulness of your heart message will make you feel strong. Truth never weakens us.
  • Your heart is not persuaded by ego, anxiety or fear.
  • The voice of the heart is calm, soft, connected, slow-paced.

Taking time to learn how to listen to the voice of the heart will pay itself back a hundred-fold. The heart is your greatest source of answers when it comes to finding healing. It is your source of pure love and wisdom. Tap into the heart today to get ready to receive your own heart message!

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