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The Work

Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a powerful tool for self-inquiry and personal transformation. It consists of four simple questions and a turnaround process that can help clients identify and question their limiting beliefs and gain new perspectives on their challenges.

The Alchemist

For someone who is trying to build a relationship and make their journey to their own heart, The Alchemist can serve as a guiding light.

Coaching Success Story: Mikayla

What I really wanted though was to learn more about how to just be better myself. Of all the things I learned in the program, the most important thing was how to trust myself.

Book Review: The Power of the Heart

If you’ve ever pondered the profound role our heart plays in
shaping our life, relationships, and even our purpose, you’re in for a treat with Baptist de Pape’s “The Power of the
Heart.” Imagine having a life-altering near-death experience, where instead of sheer panic, you’re embraced by a radiant light
brimming with pure love.

The Voice of the Heart

The voice of the heart, and the thoughts of the mind both serve us in powerful ways. There is great brilliance and beauty inherent within the mind because it can understand the most intricate scientific and mathematical theories and can make complicated decisions.

Coaching Success Stories: Carolyn

Both “mind and heart play significant roles in the joy and success of our lives.” While our mind focuses on keeping us safe, our heart is essential to giving our lives meaning and true connection.

Coaching Success Stories: Tina

The concepts I was learning were intriguing and many of them were in alignment with many other training courses I had taken through the years. The idea that our thoughts create our emotions was revelatory! A few months passed by and one day I had the realization that I had received the answer to my prayers – I was to become a life coach.

Living in Full Color

I spent many years of my life going through the motions – like watching a black and white TV with the sound off. Empty and mechanical. Trying not to feel anything. Because NOT FEELING ANYTHING, was better than what I would feel if I opened my heart. The crazy part is … I didn’t even realize I was shutting down my heart!

Coaching Success Stories: Amy

Heart-Centered Life Coaching gave me the balance I was looking for between heart and mind. One of my favorite quotes I learned from Robin is this, “The job of the mind is to keep us safe and to keep us alive. It’s a problem solving machine. The job of the heart is to help us recognize what makes us happy. There is great wisdom to be found in the heart.”