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Gaye Kuelsen, PCC • April 2, 2024 • 2 Minute Read

Navigating Client Agenda

Let’s explore the fifth competency of coaching – Maintaining Presence. We’ll delve into PCC Marker 5.2 and 5.3, shedding light on how to stay fully engaged while aligning with your client’s goals.

PCC Marker 5.2: Coach acts in response to what the client wants to accomplish throughout this session (the what).

This marker is all about syncing up with your client’s aspirations throughout the session, ensuring your responses blend seamlessly with their objectives.

  • Regular Check-ins: Stay in touch with your client during the session. It’s like recalibrating to make sure you’re on the same page. Ask questions, read body language, and keep an eye on the pace.
  • Learning Styles Understanding: Figure out your client’s learning style – visual, auditory, or kinetic. Tailor your approach to make sure your message hits the mark.
  • Path Definition: Outline the conversation’s path. It’s not about scripting every word but having a roadmap. Address any issues upfront to provide clarity throughout the session. Often there is a white elephant lurking in the corner!
  • Clear Communication: Share your observations and seek clarification. It builds certainty for the client, creating a collaborative navigation experience.

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PCC Marker 5.3: Coach partners with the client by supporting the client to choose what happens in this session.

Moving on to Marker 5.3 – here, the focus is on partnering with your client. It’s not a solo journey but a collaborative effort where both you and your client contribute to the experience.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Put the spotlight on the client’s agenda. Use clarifying questions to refine the conversation dynamics.
  • Strategic Tool Use: Introduce tools strategically. They should enhance the coaching experience. Choose tools that align with the client’s needs and goals.
  • Observation Sharing: Share your insights thoughtfully. Provide the client with a mirror to see their progress and challenges clearly.
  • Building Rapport: Think of rapport as the glue holding your partnership together. Focus on building a lasting connection beyond individual sessions.

In essence, maintaining presence is about staying fully engaged. These markers give you a roadmap, but the journey is unique to you and your client. So, embrace the conversation, shape the experience, and let presence guide your pursuit of excellence in coaching.

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