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Wendy Hobley-Grim, HCI Heart-Centered Life Coach • September 13, 2022 • 3 Minute Read

Coaching Success Stories: Wendy

The Life Coach training from the Heart Institute is an excellent program. I have found the education I obtained in this program to be helpful not only as a heart centered coach but in my professional work as a health care provider, as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. The skills learned in this program will assist anyone in their day-to-day life.

In our society today, many people go about their lives with little personal communication. We have made ourselves so busy and unapproachable that we seldom have the personal conversations that people once did with each other. There is no time anymore for the long visits from friends on the porch. We wear out independence, solitude and overwhelming business like a badge of honor. What is really happening is we bury so much emotion deep inside ourselves and then don’t have the skills,
relationships, or sometimes courage to let these feelings, trauma, shame or disappointments out. When everything is so buried sometimes it just takes that one off comment or loss to have a cascade of emotions fall out of a person. Learning how to be a heart centered life coach can help someone pick up these pieces of their shattered heart and begin to heal. Heart centered life coaching is a guiding practice to help people learn to speak about their feelings. Life Coaching focuses on the future, counseling focuses on the past. I love this program because so many times we stress about the past and forget to live in the present and think forward about the future.

I have been a life coach for clients from a variety of cultures, religions and situations. I have loved learning from each of the clients. I feel that the clients teach me a lot through their experiences and trails. Clients have stated they feel so much better just talking through their feelings and being able to set goals for the future.

Goal setting is a critical part of life coaching. When we begin our sessions there are goals discussed and set, this helps clients see their own progress. Goals can be tangible and demonstratable or they can be emotional. Emotional goals can be harder to track and see that objective progress. Through the life coaching method we are able to document the process and clients can see their improvement and incremental progress toward the life they want to live.

I believe the best coaches love people, they love to watch others heal and move their lives forward. They are compassionate and kind. Coaches have to have a keen sense of confidentiality to help build trust in the process. I have been in the health care profession for over 25 years, so confidentiality comes very natural for me. Learning to guide clients through listening to their heart has been one of the most enjoyable lessons for me and then putting it in practice with the clients I serve is heartwarming and very rewarding.

Robin Johnson, who is the facilitator for the Heart Centered Life Coaching program is well versed in these methods, she is true to her heart and to her beliefs which make her a wonderful teacher. She is kind, funny, compassionate and insightful into the needs of the heart and how to help walk beside clients as they heal and move ahead into a better life.

Wendy Hobley-Grim , HCI Certified Life Coach

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