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Heart Coach Institute


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You have experienced or witnessed the power of life coaching.

You know the value of having someone walk alongside you as you create new habits, new vision, and a new life.

Now it is your turn to give back. Become a certified Life Coach while adding all the power of the heart to your tool box.

Our 22-module online program is founded on the International Coaching Federation core competencies, combined with powerful content about the heart to help your clients overcome barriers and achieve success!


Class Information


Our LEVEL ONE ICF program includes:
• 400 Page Manual
• 200 Page Workbook
• 44 Hours of Class on Zoom
• 7 Hours Group Mentoring
• 3 Hours Private Mentoring
• Peer Coach Partner for Practice
• Online Student Portal
• Mastery of 16 Coaching Skills
• Business Classes to help you get started
• Continued Support when Course is Over
• Social Media Promotion for Graduates
• Private coaching sessions for support
• Live feedback in class for learning and growth


Students will meet online for 2 hours of class once a week . In addition, students should plan on spending 2+ hours of class time to do homework and practice coaching skills.


4-5 hours/week is required

One time payment $5497 ($500 discount) -OR-

Payment plan: Downpayment $997 + 5 payments of $1000

Program Dates


JAN 9, 2024 – JUN 4, 2024  |  TU  |  6-8 PM MST
MAR 16, 20224 – JUL 17, 2024 |  W  | 5-7 PM MST
JUN 25, 2024 – NOV 19, 2024  |  TU  |  6-8 PM MST
SEPT 25, 2024 – MAR 19, 2025 | W | 12-2 PM MST

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Life Coach Training Focused on the Heart

“’I LOVE COACHING!’ says me every time I finish a session.  Now that I have had many opportunities to be both coach and client, I am so grateful for the format, philosophy, and skills of coaching.  It is always an uplifting, encouraging and empowering experience. Coaching connects us with our hearts and helps us move forward, acting on what our hearts have to teach us, so we can become our richest, fullest and happiest selves!”  -Lesli Pennock, HCI graduate

Class Expectations


 The online certification course is built on a 22 module system. Each module is a 2 hour class. Both the four and six month programs meets once a week. The four month program also starts and ends the program with a 6 hour class on a Saturday.


There are 44 hours of virtual class time. Students can miss two classes out of the 22 classes. Please make attending class your priority.


Students will be expected to read the class material outside of class and fill out the student workbook. Time in class will be spent reviewing workbook answers, answering questions, practice coaching, and time for students to share insights. It is estimated that students will spend 40+ hours outside of class to complete all requirements.


Students will complete and record 16 practice skill assignments that they do with a peer coach outside of class time. Students will also have 16 practice client sessions with people that they arrange with outside of class. Practice client sessions will begin the last 8 weeks of class (6 month program) or the last 4 weeks of class (3 month program).


Students must participate in 7 hours of group mentoring (included in the classes throughout the course) and will have 3 private mentoring sessions they can schedule on their own time. The cost of all mentoring hours is included in the program price.


With 44 hours of virtual class time, and 40+ hours of study and practice outside of class, students will spend 85+ hours to complete the program.


Students should be comfortable in an online learning environment and must have access to the necessary technology to participate in class. There are no other pre-requisites to taking this course. 


If you would like to learn how to heal your heart, how to listen to and trust your heart, Robin offers a 12-week intensive healing program called Bravehearts Revolution that will give you a chance to dive into your relationship with your own heart. Learn more about Bravehearts here. The program is not required, but is incredible preparation for your heart-centered Life Coach training. You will save $1,000 when you bundle Bravehearts and HCI training together. 

Class Format & Supplies

HCI is an online learning platform. Students must be able to attend online to participate in the program. HCI uses Zoom for the classroom experience which is a free downloadable app. A printed manual, workbook, and tools card deck will be mailed to the student. All materials are available in an online format as well. There will be 44 hours of in class time that students should plan on attending. An estimated 40+ hours of time outside of class will be necessary to meet certification requirements.
All classes are taught in English.

Woman attending life coaching training

Overview of Class Content

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Course Overview
Review certification requirements, training schedule, required  assignments and practice sessions, technology, ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Becoming a Life Coach
Introduction to life coaching. Defining the role of a Life Coach. The benefits of life coaching. What makes a great Life Coach. What a coach does and does not need.

Understanding the Heart
Strengthening the heart connection as we learn the voice of the heart, how to speak to the heart and aligning heart and mind. Discover what the heart adds to coaching.

The Coaching Experience
A step by step guide through the coaching relationship; from the first call, to the discovery session, creating contracts and the coaching framework.

Exploring the art of active listening. How to practice effective communication and build trust with your client. How to listen with your heart and more.

Creating the Coaching Relationship
Explore the five components of an effective coaching relationship. Establishing trust and agreements.

Observations, Patterns & Awareness
Cultivating emotional safety with clients, raising awareness and observing patterns in behavior. What to watch for in a client.

Asking Powerful Questions
Questions to evoke awareness, scaling questions and strategic questions. Questions to ask yourself as a coach.

The Coaching Session Structure
The anatomy of a coaching conversation, the framework, and maintaining coaching presence.

Setting Goals with Action Steps
Learn the basics of goal setting with actions steps. Learn the formula for SMART goals. 1 hour of Group Mentoring.

Identifying Barriers and Obstacles
Identifying internal and external barriers. How to stretch a client. Referring a client to therapy for mental health disorders.

Mind Coaching Tools
How and when to bring in a mind tool  to help clients work through a barrier and create new awareness and possibility. Sixteen tools are given to students.

Heart Coaching Tools
How and when to bring in a heart tool to help clients work through a barrier and create new awareness and possibility. Twenty eight tools are taught.

Affirming and Accountability
How to create the greatest teaching moment for the client. How to anchor in the results and affirm positive action.

Principles of Creation
Creation is driven by powerful principles that can be learned. Resources, timing, written and spoken words, avoiding pitfalls, and manifesting is taught.

Group Mentoring
Our director of education leads the class in a powerful group mentoring experience. PCC markers help us find strengths and stretches for students.

Taking the next steps
Students outline their intention moving forward. Business structure and business smarts will be covered to help students get started.

Business Marketing and Sales
Learn how to run a coaching business with: Policies, payments, websites, group coaching, marketing & more.

Group Mentoring
Our director of education leads the class in a powerful group mentoring experience. PCC markers help us find strengths and stretches for students.

Final Exam Review
Students must pass the final exam to become certified with the Heart Coach Institute. This exam review will help you know what material to study.

Final Exam
Students will participate in a group oral exam. Randomly generated questions will be given to each student. Must have a score of 70% to pass.

Living Heart & Soul
How to establish wholehearted living practices. How to establish boundaries and spread love. 1 hour of Group Mentoring.

Final Class and Celebration
We will cover any final questions, take time to celebrate success and enjoy our last  hour of Group Mentoring.

Assignments & Support
Students have six months to complete all practice coaching sessions and graduation requirements. Students can attend quarterly alumni meetings.

Class Learning Model

The Heart Coach Institute life coach training utilizes synchronous and asynchronous remote learning (sometimes referred to as flipped learning). In this model, direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. The resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the instructor guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.

Read and complete assigned sections in the student manual and workbook prior to class. Come to the Zoom class meeting with questions and insights regarding the assigned content.

In-class time is dedicated to exploring course material in greater depth, creating rich learning opportunities, and answering questions. Review concepts through learning activities and peer discussion.

Continue reviewing material and checking for understanding of the concepts through application and evaluation. Work with peer coach to practice and discuss concepts.