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Online Life Coach Certification:

Become a Heart-Centered ACC-Level Life Coach

Gain confidence and competence with an Internationally-recognized certification...

plus gain the training, information, and experience to access the wisdom and power of the heart.

Watch lives transform before your eyes and feel
the joy of becoming a Life Coach

If you have experienced or witnessed the power of life coaching, you know the value of having someone walk alongside you as you create new habits, new vision, and a new life. This is your opportunity to give back. Become a certified Life Coach and make a difference in someone’s life today!

Our 22-module online program is founded on the International Coaching Federation core competencies, combined with powerful content about the heart to help your clients overcome barriers and achieve success. You can start today to become a catalyst for change.

What makes the Heart Coach
Institute different from
other training programs?

The wisdom of the heart.

As a Life Coach, you will be helping people find answers to their most challenging life problems. As human beings, we have three centers of knowing: the mind, the heart, and the gut.

1 | The mind represents our intellectual and cognitive center. It is the brain and our capacity for reasoning and problem solving.
2 | The heart represents our emotional and intuitive side. It is where we process emotional experiences and it often guides our moral and ethical choices. This is not limited to the physical heart, but connects us to our higher self. This connection to higher wisdom offers us profound truth not accessible from the mind.
3 | The gut represents our instinctual or visceral knowing. It is our “gut feelings” and provides immediate, visceral response to situations.

We are all capable of accessing the mind and thoughts for our answers. Many life coach programs focus heavily on the mind and thoughts. We also know instinctually how to discern the gut responses. Our body responds when we are presented with certain options.
But what about the heart and the emotions? Where do we go to learn about the heart? In our training, you will learn how to access the wisdom of the heart. You will learn the voice of the heart, the gifts of the heart, and understand the power of the heart! You will be trained to understand how and when we block the heart, and what will fix the problem. You will learn tools for the heart and once you are trained, you will be ready to share this heart wisdom with your clients. We combine the power of life coaching with the wisdom and strength of the heart.


Join the Premier Heart Healing Program

The majority of HCI students have also gone through our Bravhearts Revolution program. Separate from the Life Coach training, this program was developed by Robin Johnson to help people relase the pain and trauma of the past, heal their heart, find their confidence and strength, and create a transformative future. This 12-week online program will walk you through every step of healing. Take time to heal your heart first. Then become trained in Heart-Centered Life Coaching and learn how to teach others about their heart. Building a relationship of trust with your heart will help you become a heart ambassador. 


Heart-Centered Life Coach Training and Certification

The online certification course is built on a 22 module system. Each module is a 2 hour class. 
Our program is offered in two formats. The 6 month training is recommended for those who are new to coaching and working with the heart. The 4 month accelerated program is for those who have gone through the Bravehearts Heart Healing Program and are ready to dive into Life Coach Training.


Students will meet online for 2 hrs/week in class. In addition, students should plan on spending 2+ hours outside of class time to do homework and practice coaching skills. 

Jan 9 – Jun 4, 2024  |  TU  |  6-8 PM MST
Jun 11 – Nov 12, 2024  |  TU  |  6-8 PM MST

TUITION | $4,500
One payment: $4,250 ($250 discount) -or- 
Payment plan: $1,500 downpayment + 5 payments of $600


The weekly schedule is the same as the 6 month training – online 2hr/week for class. In addition, the class schedule will start and end with an 8 hour class on a Saturday. 

Mar 16 – Jul 17, 2024  |  W  |  5-7 PM MST
Sept 7 – Dec 14, 2024  |  W  | 5-7 PM MST

TUITION | $4,500
One payment: $4,250 ($250 discount) -or- 
Payment plan: $1,500 downpayment + 5 payments of $600

There is a powerful journey that we take to be able to authentically help others.

If you want to be able to help other people trust their heart, you must first trust your own. You may need to release some trauma or pain. You may need to learn to listen to your heart again. You may need to have some inner child healing done. The first step is to heal.

When you are radiating that love, you will want everyone you know to feel that same love too. You will want to help others remember their worth, find their heart, build their confidence, achieve their dreams. You will want others to learn to trust their heart too. You will want to share.

The power of combining Bravehearts Revolution program with the Life Coach training can’t be understated. We feel so strongly that this path will create the most powerful impact on your ability to become a heart-centered LIfe Coach, that we are willing to give you $1,000 OFF when you buy both programs together!

Class Format

HCI is an online learning platform. Students must be able to attend online to participate in the program. HCI uses Zoom for the classroom experience which its a free downloadable app. Students should plan on attending all 22 virtual classes. Students can miss two classes out of the 22. Please make attending class a priority. All classes are taught in English.

Class Supplies

A printed manual, workbook, and the coveted tools card deck will all be mailed to the student. All materials are available in an online format as well in he student portal. All of the assignments will be filled out and turned in online. The student portal will also give students access to the class recordings and additional information.


Students are expected to read the class material outside of class and fill out the student workbook. Time in class will  be spent reviewing workbook answers, answering questions, practice coaching, and time for students to share insights. Students will spend 40+ hours of time outside of class to meet the necessary certification  requirements. 

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What qualities make a great coach? What does a life coach do? What is required to become certified as a life coach? What does the heart add to coaching? Find these answers and more!

Can I talk to someone
about this?

Robin Johnson, ACC, the founder and lead instructor for Heart Coach Institute would love to talk to you about your goal to become a Life Coach and see if you are a good fit for HCI.

Schedule a free 30 min session with Robin here:

Live with passion and purpose as a heart-centered Life Coach.

The flexibility of creating your own business, being your own boss, setting your own hours, and choosing yourown clients creates so many wonderful perks for a Life Coach. You will LOVE YOUR LIFE!
When you help your clients overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and taste success, they will love their life too! 

“The heart is the most forceful, impactful element in our lives. I believe that the heart helps us to understand who we are, where we are, and how we are.” - Maya Angelou


Add the credential after your name for instant credibility

The Heart Coach Institute is accredited through the International Coaching Federation as a Level One Education provider. This means that our program will put you on the path to becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Our coursework, mentoring, practice and performance  evaluation, will check off many requirements as you prepare.

Our course fulfills more than the education hours required by giving students 85 hours of approved curriculum. ICF requires 60 hours.

Our program has 7 group mentoring hours during class and 3 private mentoring hours meeting the ICF requirement for 10 mentoring hours.

You will learn with a peer coach and practice with clients to gain experience and confidence. These hours count towards your ICF Coaching hours.


You will submit a recording of a live coaching session for review. When you pass this step, it fulfills the ICF requirement.


Help people overcome barriers.
them in their success!

Help people overcome barriers.
them in their success!

“As the only male in the class I was nervous on how it would be but my experience was
nothing but AMAZING!
I learned so much and this training will help me become the coach I want so badly to be.”


“Robin and Heart Centered Coaching has given me the means to live a fuller, richer, and more meaningful life.
It was so enlightening to learn how to listen to and trust my heart!!”


“Robin and Heart Centered Coaching has given me the means to live a fuller, richer, and more meaningful life.
It was so enlightening to learn how to listen to and trust my heart!!”


“This program taught me how to communicate. I didn’t know that everything I learned here would
save my marriage
and improve my relationships with my kids. That in itself, made the program PRICELESS!


You have the skills.
Just not the certification.
Let's change that!

You probably already help people with their problems. You are probably empathic, a good listener, and love seeing others succeed. Getting certified as a Life Coach will give you the confidence to charge for your gifts, and create more value for those you serve. 

Class Learning Model

The Heart Coach Institute life coach training utilizes synchronous and asynchronous remote learning (sometimes referred to as flipped learning). In this model, direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space. The resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the instructor guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.

Read and complete assigned sections in the student manual and workbook prior to class. Come to the Zoom class meeting with questions and insights regarding the assigned content.

In-class time is dedicated to exploring course material in greater depth, creating rich learning opportunities, and answering questions. Review concepts through learning activities and peer discussion.

Continue reviewing material and checking for understanding of the concepts through application and evaluation. Work with peer coach to practice and discuss concepts.

Overview of Class Content

Click on the + sign to view content for each class.

Course Overview
Review certification requirements, training schedule, required  assignments and practice sessions, technology, ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Becoming a Life Coach
Introduction to life coaching. Defining the role of a Life Coach. The benefits of life coaching. What makes a great Life Coach. What a coach does and does not need.

Understanding the Heart
Strengthening the heart connection as we learn the voice of the heart, how to speak to the heart and aligning heart and mind. Discover what the heart adds to coaching.

The Coaching Experience
A step by step guide through the coaching relationship; from the first call, to the discovery session, creating contracts and the coaching framework.

Exploring the art of active listening. How to practice effective communication and build trust with your client. How to listen with your heart and more.

Creating the Coaching Relationship
Explore the five components of an effective coaching relationship. Establishing trust and agreements.

Observations, Patterns & Awareness
Cultivating emotional safety with clients, raising awareness and observing patterns in behavior. What to watch for in a client.

Asking Powerful Questions
Questions to evoke awareness, scaling questions and strategic questions. Questions to ask yourself as a coach.

The Coaching Session Structure
The anatomy of a coaching conversation, the framework, and maintaining coaching presence.

Setting Goals with Action Steps
Learn the basics of goal setting with actions steps. Learn the formula for SMART goals. 1 hour of Group Mentoring.

Identifying Barriers and Obstacles
Identifying internal and external barriers. How to stretch a client. Referring a client to therapy for mental health disorders.

Mind Coaching Tools
How and when to bring in a mind tool  to help clients work through a barrier and create new awareness and possibility. Sixteen tools are given to students.

Heart Coaching Tools
How and when to bring in a heart tool to help clients work through a barrier and create new awareness and possibility. Twenty eight tools are taught.

Affirming and Accountability
How to create the greatest teaching moment for the client. How to anchor in the results and affirm positive action.

Principles of Creation
Creation is driven by powerful principles that can be learned. Resources, timing, written and spoken words, avoiding pitfalls, and manifesting is taught.

Group Mentoring
Our director of education leads the class in a powerful group mentoring experience. PCC markers help us find strengths and stretches for students.

Taking the next steps
Students outline their intention moving forward. Business structure and business smarts will be covered to help students get started.

Business Marketing and Sales
Learn how to run a coaching business with: Policies, payments, websites, group coaching, marketing & more.

Group Mentoring
Our director of education leads the class in a powerful group mentoring experience. PCC markers help us find strengths and stretches for students.

Final Exam Review
Students must pass the final exam to become certified with the Heart Coach Institute. This exam review will help you know what material to study.

Final Exam
Students will participate in a group oral exam. Randomly generated questions will be given to each student. Must have a score of 70% to pass.

Living Heart & Soul
How to establish wholehearted living practices. How to establish boundaries and spread love. 1 hour of Group Mentoring.

Final Class and Celebration
We will cover any final questions, take time to celebrate success and enjoy our last  hour of Group Mentoring.

Assignments & Support
Students have six months to complete all practice coaching sessions and graduation requirements. Students can attend quarterly alumni meetings.

Want to Learn More?

Join our free instant webinar to find out what coaching and the heart can do for you! What qualities make a great coach? What does a life coach do? What is required to become certified as a life coach? What does the heart add to coaching? Find these answers and more!

Can this really be my
NEW Life?

Coaching is a fulfilling, flexible, rewarding opportunity to use your gifts and serve the world. Coaching also provides financial prosperity and career freedom. Do work you love AND have time to climb that mountain you love. Live a life of passion and purpose!