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Shalese Bruce, HCI Heart-Centered Life Coach • January 9, 2024 • 3 minute read

Coaching Success Stories: Shalese

Heart centered Life coaching is meaningful to me because it leads people back to their hearts which connects people to the divine wisdom that is held within their heart. I believe that we are eternal beings and that our hearts connect us to God, Jesus, our higher self and angels so when we learn how to connect to the wisdom that our hearts hold within, we are hearing and being guided to a higher way to live. All the answers we seek reside within our heart. We can receive precise understanding that will guide our lives to be greatly enriched when we heal, connect and listen to the guidance of our heart. 

I have learned through my own life experience and coaching my clients that our hearts open the door to deeper understanding about fears and pains from our past experiences throughout life that have impacted our current life experiences and when working through those, we can rise above the fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back from creating the life we truly desire. Our heart also guides us to create our dreams, revealing answers and understanding we wouldn’t receive any other way. 

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I specialize in teaching my clients how to have an intimate relationship with themself first so they can then create deep, intimate connections within all their relationships. I hold a space of love and compassion for my clients to be honest, vulnerable and tell the truth,  unashamed so they can then process through things that are holding them back and keeping them small and stuck to RISE to their truth, divine identity and life work. I feel that we all have a special and unique purpose and bring something incredibly beautiful to this world and we’ll only experience our truest self by BEing authentically who we are. Our authentic self is truly a gift to this world. 

Through my healing journey I was led to learn so much about the importance of the spiritual heart so when I was led to Robin, I was ecstatic to say the least because she knew so much about the heart too!! I’d been searching for a coaching certification course that spoke to my heart and when I found Robin and her coaching program, I was overjoyed! I loved everything about her program and am forever grateful to have taken this course. It has given me even more understanding about the heart and the importance of asking good questions that take people deeper to bring awareness so they can shift and process through what’s holding them back and create all they desire in life. It is truly a very thorough,  deeply enriching coaching program and I highly recommend it! 

I have a Facebook group called Inspiring and Healing Messages with Shalese if you’d like to join my group and read lots of uplifting and inspiring posts. 

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Shalese Bruce

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