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Kari Finley, HCI Heart-Centered Life Coach • July 25, 2023 • 5 Minute Read

Coaching Success Stories: Kari

Hey there, Thanks for showing up. Hopefully you will quickly be able to get a feel for me and who I am. As well as how I show up and why! My goal for myself is to show up in a space of unapologetic authenticity. I feel like if I can show up as my true authentic self in all the ways, that it starts to give others the space to be seen in all of who they are wanting to be. Is that why I show up as my true self? No. I show up as me because it feels so much better than the years I spent “trapped”. I spent more years in what I now call, “disassociated bliss”. So many years of thinking I had the best intentions, yet the intentions were just covering up lots of pain, fear, limiting beliefs, and shoulds. So many dang “shoulds”, ones that dictated every single move I made in how I played the roles not only for so many people and myself. Including God, I’m pretty sure the day I shifted, God himself felt a relief as well as a giant Hallelujah and Dance party broke out in Heaven the day I realized just who I really am. The day God finally could say, “ Yes, My wild child be free and live in joy.”  The day I felt my soul again, the day I realized that the box of society, the stories, the limiting beliefs, and shoulds was all bull shit. The day I realized I only felt safe when I was playing it “unsafe” by others standards. That I only felt alive as I shifted from what others wanted me to be and do and stepped into whatever the hell I felt like doing and being. 

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That my new friend is why I am here and why I love this work. Because for years I watched family and friends lose themselves. I too was lost among the limiting beliefs, habits, patterns and conditioning I was taught. I felt like if I just worked a little harder, God would reward me with rest one day. I did some traditional talk therapy and started to break the barriers of what was holding me back. But there is so much more. I needed more, I needed the big guns of Sound healing with Sacred Drums, the perspective shifts, the life force energy, the energy awareness, and to start asking the right questions. 

I lived 35 years disassociated from my life. When I found energy healing and connecting to the deepest parts of my soul, I knew it was not only going to radically shift my life. But I was also called to step in and create those same shifts with others. That is when God placed this program and Robin in my life. I was looking for something more and wasn’t really sure what it was. As I worked with Robin in her Bravehearts program I knew this was a way to integrate all that I was learning. The compassion we all have in our hearts is the power! As I unlocked my own, I knew I could never look back.

Coaching for me has been something that I truly feel called to do. Being able to create with my clients a new way they show up in their lives, lights me UP! Having someone witness me in my hardest moments with love and grace gave me the safe space to connect with my own heart. That is my goal, and purpose for coaching. To create a safe space for you to show up for you, to learn new ways to live a Heart-Connected joyful, powerful, fun and beautiful life full of smiles. 

I focus my practice on healing hearts, connecting to the soul, and shedding years of energetic junk. Through my life experiences, I’ve gained a love and passion for this area of my life. As a certified Heart-Centered Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Energy Healer, and specialist in connection I am here to create whatever it is that is calling to you. No two people are the same, as well as the approach we take to healing our hearts and living an incredible life. I talk more about my why, what and how on my instagram page and web-site. As well as what is next for me. I am committed to my own work, and creating a way for people to have access to whatever their hearts are calling them to. I offer one on one sessions, for all ages, as well as a few groups focused on Heart Connection and emotional release. If you have any questions I would love to connect and answer those for you.

You can connect with me on Instagram @allsmiles_healing  or my website 

Much Love, and God Bless,

Kari Finley 

All-Smiles Healing and Coaching

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