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Cherish Newman heart-centered life coach

Cherish Newman, HCI Heart-Centered Life Coach • September 12, 2023 • 2 minute read

Coaching Success Stories: Cherish

I have had the awesome experience of continuing to coach one of my practice clients. She is a young mom. She is so open and teachable. It is truly rejuvenating to spend time coaching her. One of the coolest benefits has been the fact that some of her main struggles are things I struggle with. Specifically, body acceptance of a curvy figure and keeping your identity while being a mother. 

It has been so helpful to be part of her journey of healing, hoping and progressing. I seem to be getting as much out of our meetings as she is. I am learning right along with her. 

img src="coachingjpg" alt="Coaching brings joy"

I have also found that as I have learned and practiced being a coach, I am becoming a better listener. I am amazed at the power of good questions. I am a better, more patient and trusting mother, wife and friend. 


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