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Heart Coach Institute

Life Coaching Principles

The Work

Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a powerful tool for self-inquiry and personal transformation. It consists of four simple questions and a turnaround process that can help clients identify and question their limiting beliefs and gain new perspectives on their challenges.

The Alchemist

For someone who is trying to build a relationship and make their journey to their own heart, The Alchemist can serve as a guiding light.

Book Review: The Power of the Heart

If you’ve ever pondered the profound role our heart plays in
shaping our life, relationships, and even our purpose, you’re in for a treat with Baptist de Pape’s “The Power of the
Heart.” Imagine having a life-altering near-death experience, where instead of sheer panic, you’re embraced by a radiant light
brimming with pure love.

Book Review: The Big Leap

Similar to an internal barrier, this book suggests that we often determine an upper limit for ourselves by what we think we deserve or are capable of, or able to achieve. To help your clients identify and change their upper limits, here is a coaching tool based on the concepts in the book.

Active Listening

As we connect with our clients heart to heart in the beginning of each session, we are then able to listen with our heart or spirit. We will be connected to our client in the most beautiful way. We will hear and understand their divine potential and worth.

The Physical Heart and Emotional Heart

We know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony, where heart and mind are working together and we feel a genuine connection to others. We enjoy this state of inner harmony but often don’t know how to create this alignment consciously.

Setting Clients Desired Outcome

Whatever their desired outcome is, create a measurement for success. Help them clearly envision what success would mean from your session today.

Love Your Life as a Life Coach

The Heart of a Client

We are rarely taught in life about our own, feeling heart. Our heart connection has a great impact on our happiness, our connection to self, and our success. Helping the heart of a client become aware of their state, guiding them through the emotions with powerful questions, and helping them return to a pure heart will be a gift they treasure.