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Heart Coach Institute

Life Coach Success Stories

Read success stories from life coaches who have graduated the Heart Centered Life Coaching program from the Heart Coach Institute. This category is where you go if you are looking for relatable blog posts that help you to experience the joys of life coaching. Learning from our students can give you a glimpse into the skills and tools that you can learn by participating in this program.

Coaching Success Story: Mikayla

What I really wanted though was to learn more about how to just be better myself. Of all the things I learned in the program, the most important thing was how to trust myself.

Coaching Success Stories: Cherish

It is truly rejuvenating to spend time coaching her. One of the coolest benefits to coaching her has been the fact that some of her main struggles are things I struggle with. Specifically…

Coaching Success Stories: Carolyn

Both “mind and heart play significant roles in the joy and success of our lives.” While our mind focuses on keeping us safe, our heart is essential to giving our lives meaning and true connection.

Coaching Success Stories: Kari

I lived 35 years disassociated from my life. When I found energy healing and connecting to the deepest parts of my soul, I knew it was not only going to radically shift my life. But I was also called to step in and create those same shifts with others.

Coaching Success Stories: Tina

The concepts I was learning were intriguing and many of them were in alignment with many other training courses I had taken through the years. The idea that our thoughts create our emotions was revelatory! A few months passed by and one day I had the realization that I had received the answer to my prayers – I was to become a life coach.

Coaching Success Stories: Andrew

Since graduating from the Heart Coach Institute’s Heart-Centered Life Coaching program, I find myself using Michael Bungay Stanier’s Learning Question, “What was most useful for you?” in many settings. This question has become my preferred way to bring closure to a conversation or meeting.

Coaching Success Stories: Melissa

For a long time, life was ok most days and even pretty good some days. But it wasn’t great. Life didn’t feel like I hoped it could. And it wasn’t until I spent time reconnecting to my heart that I discovered the truth. It was all just a set of beliefs.

Coaching Success Stories: Amy

Heart-Centered Life Coaching gave me the balance I was looking for between heart and mind. One of my favorite quotes I learned from Robin is this, “The job of the mind is to keep us safe and to keep us alive. It’s a problem solving machine. The job of the heart is to help us recognize what makes us happy. There is great wisdom to be found in the heart.”

Coaching Success Stories: Wendy

In our society today, many people go about their lives with little personal communication. We have made ourselves so busy and unapproachable that we seldom have the personal conversations that people once did with each other.