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Heart Coach Institute

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Harnessing the Power of Language

“How can a coaching conversation help you achieve your desired outcomes?” This inclusive language highlights that both parties work together to bring about positive change, empowering our clients to take an active role in their own growth and development.

Going Deeper Sooner by Active Listening

As coaches, we understand that active listening is a fundamental skill that can deeply impact our coaching conversations. By actively engaging with our clients’ stories and experiences, we foster trust, empathy, and understanding.

Topic vs. Outcome

When a client expresses their desire to find a new job, there are various paths the conversation can take. This is where determining the outcome becomes crucial, as it provides both you and the client with a clear endpoint for the conversation.

PCC Marker 8: Facilitating Client Growth

There is much more to the end of a session than a list of actions. By incorporating each PCC Marker here, you will give your client the best possible opportunity

PCC Marker 7: Evoking Awareness

The great revelation here is that we don’t have to be right! We can share what we are sensing or feeling, then invite the client to go deeper. If we are accurate, then an ‘Aha!’ moment may happen. But even if we are off beat, our comment may spark another connection for our client.

PCC Marker 6- Listens Actively

Gaye Kuelsen, PCC • June 6, 2023 • 5 Minute Read PCC Marker 6: Listens Actively Competency 6:  Listens Actively This competency, Listens Actively, is encouraging us into actual action! As coaches, we listen to our clients using more than just our ears – what do we hear, see/observe, sense or feel? When we listen …

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PCC Marker 5-Maintains Presence

For many of us busy, high achievers, the ability to stop doing and just BE, can be a real challenge. These PCC Markers give us some direction on how we can truly be with our clients, be present with them so they feel validated and understood.

PCC Marker 4-Cultivating Trust

We all have different ways on how we build trust with those around us, and with our clients. Similarly, our clients may have unique requirements for them to feel safe in their environment. Here the PCC Markers provide guidance on some…

PCC Marker 3-Establishes Agreements

The PCC Markers focus on the agreement we establish with our clients at the start of each coaching session. The four elements, provide a very simple and effective formula for you to establish a clear and focused agreement with your client every time.