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Heart Coach Institute


Book Review: The Big Leap

Similar to an internal barrier, this book suggests that we often determine an upper limit for ourselves by what we think we deserve or are capable of, or able to achieve. To help your clients identify and change their upper limits, here is a coaching tool based on the concepts in the book.

The Physical Heart and Emotional Heart

We know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony, where heart and mind are working together and we feel a genuine connection to others. We enjoy this state of inner harmony but often don’t know how to create this alignment consciously.

Setting Clients Desired Outcome

Whatever their desired outcome is, create a measurement for success. Help them clearly envision what success would mean from your session today.

Love Your Life as a Life Coach

The Heart of a Client

We are rarely taught in life about our own, feeling heart. Our heart connection has a great impact on our happiness, our connection to self, and our success. Helping the heart of a client become aware of their state, guiding them through the emotions with powerful questions, and helping them return to a pure heart will be a gift they treasure.

Coaching Success Stories: Minda

The reason I am so completely passionate about all of this is because I lived for over 40 years without it. I shoved my emotions down until I was completely disconnected from my heart, emotionally numb, and merely existing. Now that I know how much better life is fully connected to my heart, and loving myself–all of me–unconditionally, the love and the joy that I feel have inspired me to help others.

What is a Coaching Mindset?

This highlights the importance of meeting our clients where they currently are in their life: being the milestone on their journey, their understanding of a situation, or their present feelings or emotions. We can better support our clients in these moments by inviting deeper reflection and exploration through our questions.