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Heart Coach Institute

Heart Centered
Life Coach Training

Online Coaching certification courses that combine the power of life coaching with the wisdom and strength of the heart.

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Online Coaching certification courses that combine the power of life coaching with the wisdom and strength of the heart.



If you are passionate about becoming a professional life coach, or simply want to become a better manager, co-worker or parent, you’re going to love the training you receive here.

As heart-centered Life Coaches, we help people achieve their goals and dreams, while tapping into the wisdom of their heart for answers. We are here to support you as you learn new skills, develop your gifts, and create coaching opportunities in your life.

Explore our rich course offerings, learn about our admissions process and get to know our team. Join our community of heart-centered Life Coaches who are committed to fully living and loving life, while helping others to do the same.

Robin Johnson life coach instructor



ICF Accredited Program

Life Coach Training program accreditation by the International Coaching Federation.

Our Heart-Centered Life Coach Training program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the gold standard in Life Coaching and coaches worldwide recognize ICF as an industry leader. We are a Level 1 Education Provider for ICF. If someone wants additional credentials, our program puts you on the pathway to meet the requirements of ICF. Earning an ICF Credential provides you with instant credibility and increased visibility to prospective clients. If you want to become credentialed through the ICF, your training needs to come from a Level 1 Education Provider. Our program is an approved pathway to get you there. 

Once you meet the program requirements at the Heart Coach Institute you will be certified as a Life Coach from HCI. For many, that is what they are looking for. For those that want to go further, we will help you get there. The training is online so you can join no matter where you are. We are thrilled to partner with ICF and offer you the highest standards in coaching excellence. 

Benefits of Life Coach Training

Many people enter into the Life Coach Training to start a new career or create a side gig. An equal amount of people sign up to gain the powerful techniques that Life Coaching offers to create massive changes in their lives.


A life coach is trained to masterfully listen, ask powerful questions, and navigate through the emotions of conversation. These tools are powerful in upleveling every point of communication in your life whether you are being a parent, leader, teacher, mentor or life coach.


Life coaches end their training ready to begin their new career. You will be fully prepared to attract clients, run a business, and create the shift in your career you are looking for.


The powerful communication skills, combined with the connection to your heart will create real and lasting change in your relationships with others.


The life coaching skills will elicit transformation in your leadership style. You will know how to empower employees and co-workers to rise in their confidence and success.

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Student Testimonials

Char Nelson heart-centered life coach


This program is Life-changing! I have witnessed how people’s lives change when they go through the process of life coaching. The connection of the heart and mind is the pinnacle of success. No other program can match this!

Wendy Grim certified life coach


Through this training, I have gained strength and been able to do things I never thought I could. I went from feeling broken after being widowed, to being married and happier than I have ever been. This has changed my entire life! 
Minda heart-centered life coach


 This program taught me an entirely different way of communicating. I didn’t know that everything I learned in the training would save my marriage and improve my relationships with my kids. That in itself, made the program priceless! 
Melissa Hull heart-centered life coach


 Having the knowledge and gifts of the heart as the foundation of this coaching program gives us additional tools not found in other coaching programs. I am certain this partnership with my heart has allowed me to become a more loving mother, friend, and life coach. 


This experience has been pivotal in my life. Seeing clients set goals and achieve them is amazing to witness! The program has clear expectations, you are supported in your learning, and you will have confidence to coach when you are done.

What We Offer


Every part of a life coaching conversation has purpose. You will learn all the skills you need to navigate through that conversation. Active listening, powerful questions, overcoming barriers, setting specific and measureable goals, are all part of how to help your clients get from where they are in their life, to where they want to be. 




When students complete the requirements for our course, they will be certified as a Life Coach from the Heart Coach Institute. Our program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and will fulfill several requirements and set you on the right path to become certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) if a student chooses to pursue it.

life coach training certification letter


The online classroom experience gives students the opportunity to practice skills weekly, get feedback on coaching skills, and complete 10 hours of group and personal mentoring. 

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Life Coach Training Focused on the Heart


When you have completed the training, you will know how to connect with and listen to your heart, learn how to recognized and trust the wisdom of the heart, and know how to teach others the same skills so they can live whole-hearted. 

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